In light of the network overhaul, many things have changed. As we are in the process of getting things situated, we came up with this quick information page to get people started. Please note that this page will be replaced with a more comprehensive website!

For simplicity's sake, GCC faculty, staff, and students will be collectively known as "Users".

Looking for the GCC Technology HelpDesk Website?

For eGCC Basics go here:

For Employees Basics go here:

What happened to my site on Gecko?

Returning Users will recall a server named "Gecko", which was found at . With the network overhaul, the Gecko server as we previously knew it no longer exists. However, the "Gecko" addresses themselves will still work, only as redirects as shown below:

will be the same as if you were going directly to the site at:


What is the address of my individual web space?

It is of this format:

Please replace "eGCCusername" with your own username. If you don't know it, please contact the HelpDesk at (623) 845-3555.

I'm a returning User. Where did the files from my account go? If I still have them, can I use them?

All of the files you had stored on the Gecko server have been transferred to your new [H:] Drive space. These files are conveniently located on the Desktop in a folder called OLD_FILES. You will need to move the items you would like to keep into the "My Documents" folder, also located on the Desktop.

How do I connect to my H: Drive and S: Drive from home?

Detailed instructions for accessing your H: and S: drives from home can be found at

How do I re-publish my files to my web space?

For re-publishing your web space, you must cut-and-paste the files from one public.www folder to the other -- you cannot simply replace one public.www folder with the other! Please follow the exact instructions below.


If you drag-and-drop files from H:\OLD_FILES\public.www (your old public.www folder), to H:\public.www (your new public.wwww folder), your files will not appear as intended!. You must copy/cut and paste documents!

  1. Go to H:\OLD_FILES\public.www and locate the files you wish to be visible in the new web space.
  2. Select the relevant files and "copy" [CTRL + C] or "cut" [CTRL + X] them.
  3. Go back to H:\public.www and then "paste" the files [CTRL + V]
  4. You should now see your files at , replacing "eGCCusername" with your own username.

I'm a new User. How do I publish files to my web space?

Detailed instructions can be found at