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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Acacia berlandieri-Guajillo

An open, spreading shrub growing to 12 feet tall and across. Native to the dry limestone hills of South Texas and Mexico at elevations of 1-3000' it slowly develops into a large shrub or small usually multi-trunked tree with a broad 10 x 12' form.  

Delicate, fern-like foliage is deep green, about 4 inches long and divided into many leaflets, giving the plant a lush appearance. Typically, leaves are deciduous, although they may be evergreen in mild winters. There are small, straight prickles along the stems, but are hardly noticeable with bare hands. Masses of creamy white, ball-like fragrant flower clusters appear in the spring,  followed by hard, woody seed pods in the summer.  

It thrives in full sun and is considered quite xeric but requires good drainage.  It is a good substitute for Lysiloma as it is more cold and drought tolerant, capable of surviving on 6" of rainfall. 

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