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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Acacia pendula-Weeping Acacia

This Australian native usually develops into a small evergreen tree with a rounded crown and drooping pendulous branches that may eventually grow to the ground.  It has a very distinctive and quite variable shape. The narrow lance-shaped leaves are blue gray.

Lemon-yellow puffball flowers appear from April to May.  It may prove interesting as an espalier. It is a slow to moderate grower in the Phoenix area, although it may eventually reach about 40' tall by 25' wide.  It is not fond of over watering which may lead to problems with breakage in heavy wind and proneness to Texas Root Rot.  It should not be over watered as chlorosis or yellowing of the foliage may be the result. 

It is a slow to moderate grower in the low desert.

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