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Glendale Public Library
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Acacia redolens 'Desert Carpet'

Native to inland areas of Western Australia, this evergreen groundcover is used extensively in southern California and Arizona right-of-way landscapes. A single plant can spread to 12 feet, making it an economical choice for large planting areas. Instead of true leaves, Acacia redolens has thick, leathery, gray-green phyllodes. It blooms in the spring with small yellow puffball flowers. Prostrate acacia is adaptable to alkaline and slightly saline soils, and is hardy to 12-15° F. In coastal areas it grows with little or no irrigation, but requires summer irrigation in the low deserts. Seedlings of Acacia redolens vary widely in their growth habits, with plants often reaching heights in excess of six feet. Desert Carpet™ is a cutting-grown clone, trademarked by Mountain States Wholesale Nursery, which maintains a height of only 24 inches. Hardy to 15°F.  USDA Zone 8.

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