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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Acacia saligna-Blue Leaf Wattle

This evergreen Australian tree grows quickly to 25' tall and as wide. The narrow leaf-like phyllodes are blue-green, sickle-shaped to 8" long.  This foliage often has a distinctly glaucous (bluish) cast, especially in youth.  The habit is rounded & somewhat weeping, with flowers that are dark golden-yellow, almost orange, produced heavily in late winter.

Acacia saligna is deep rooted and excellent for use in erosion control and as a quick low growing windbreak.  It is quite drought tolerant when established and is quite at home in full sun or part shade. It also tolerates wet, heavy soil. Prune gradually to avoid producing heavy sucker growth. 

It is damaged below 20 degrees F.


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