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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Acacia stenophylla-Shoestring Acacia

A medium-sized fast growing tree with an upright main trunk and spreading to weeping branches. This tough evergreen tree has the potential to reach a size of 40-50 feet tall by 30 feet wide with a wispy picturesque habit, although it can take many years to grow that large. The unusual grayish phyllodes are less than 1/4" wide but often over 18" long appearing much like a shoestring hanging down from the branches. The showy creamy white flowers are borne in small globular clusters along the stems in late winter continuing through spring. Thin, woody seed pods may develop after flowering, but they do not create an unreasonable amount of litter.  It tolerates heavy and wet soils, although it is very drought tolerant when established. It is reported to be somewhat prone to developing Texas Root Rot and has a tendency to form weak V crotch branches.  This Australian native looks great in groves and is a favorite around pools.

Very drought tolerant when established and hardy to at least 20f. Good in groves.

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