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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Agave schidigera

Agave schidigera is a symmetrical compact small to medium sized plant, growing to 2-3' wide by 2' tall. The dark green leaves are 1 to 1.5' long and 1'' wide at their widest point. They are decorated with white markings and thin white marginal fibers. Plants that are five to ten years old consist of 100-150 leaves which radiate uniformly from the center, giving the plants a very symmetrical shape. There are no marginal teeth on the leaves; however, the tip is very sharp and can inflict some damage.

The flower stalk is 10 to 12' tall and is densely loaded with dark purple flowers. Agave schidigera is sure to become a favorite for tight planting spaces, and as a container plant.  Plant in full sun or part shade exposures, and in well-drained soil.  Hardy to 15 F.   USDA Zone 8.

There is a compact form available called Durango Delight.  This species has a habitat in high elevations in open woodlands composed of pines and oaks.

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