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Agave victoriae-reginae-Queen Victoria Agave

This small, compact plant grows to 18 inches tall and wide. The short, stout leaves are dark green with white markings. Leaves do not have teeth along the edges, but have a very sharp terminal spine.

The flowers are reddish-purple, and are densely packed on an unbranched spike that can reach 15 feet. According to Gentry’s book, Agaves of Continental North America , there are at least 7 horticultural forms of Agave victoriae-reginae. These forms are quite variable, with some forming single heads, and others that offset profusely. One of the prominent forms in horticulture, called ferdinandi-regis, has longer, dark green leaves and a more open rosette.

This petite agave is one of the best choices for containers or small planting areas. Queen Victoria agave is very slow growing and long-lived, taking many years to reach flowering size. Plant it in full sun and water sparingly to maintain the tightest form.  This species is native to the Chihuahuan Desert, at elevations from 4000 to 5000 feet. 

Somewhat subject to weevil attacks. June-July pale green flowers on 4' spike.

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