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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Aloe vera-Medicinal Aloe

Native to the Mediterranean and to Africa, this plant is considered synonymous with Aloe barbadensis.  A slow to moderate grower, the plant gradually forms a rosette that consists of fleshy gray green leaves.  The 1 to 2 long leaves are narrow, succulent and erect with soft spines on margins.  The flowers are spikes of yellow to 2-3' tall that occur late winter to summer.  As the plants mature they are capable of forming large clumps. 

The sap is often used for burns and abrasions, hence the common name.   This aloe will tolerate full to partial shade, but requires a gradual change from shade to sun.  Good drainage is essential.  It will require some supplemental water in the heat of the summer.  Medicinal aloe is a great hummingbird attractor. 

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