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Glendale Public Library
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Buddleja marrubifolia-Wooly Butterfly Bush

The soft, silver foliage of Wooly butterfly bush helps to liven up winter landscapes. Combine this rounded evergreen shrub with green-leafed plants for an interesting contrast. Wooly butterfly bush grows to 5 feet tall and wide, maintaining a dense form with little maintenance.

Silvery soft foliage is contrasted by orange blossoms throughout year, most heavily in spring & summer. Slightly fragrant. Moderately fast growth, dense in sun. Very heat & drought resistant and requires little pruning.  Chihuahuan Desert Native in southwest Texas to New Mexico on limestone in canyons, arroyos and on slopes 1800-3800'. 

Give good drainage and full sun.  Flower heads are marble sized, orange. Very drought tolerant as well as cold tolerant. As an added bonus, its small orange flower balls attract butterflies in the spring and summer! 

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