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Glendale Public Library
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Muhlenbergia rigens-Deer Grass

 Dependable and adaptable, Deer grass is the backbone of many desert gardens. The lush green-grey foliage softens boulders, cacti, and is ideal for use around water features. Native to the Southwest at elevations up to 7000 feet, Deer grass thrives in varied conditions. It flourishes in full sun and difficult reflected heat exposures, and tolerates quite a bit of shade. Deer grass is extremely drought tolerant, although the foliage browns out if adequate water is not available in the summer. It also handles high rainfall, virtually any soils, and is hardy to 0 F. In the fall it sends up slender tan flower spikes that create a stunning contrast with the four to five foot mound of luxuriant foliage. Since Deer grass can reseed if watered with overhead irrigation systems, drip irrigation is recommended. USDA Zone 6.

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