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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Nolina nelsonii-Blue Nolina

This Nolina has a bolder look than other Nolina species, and is often mistaken for a Yucca species. The 2 to 3' long, 1'' wide leaves range from grey-green and flexible (juvenile foliage) to powder blue and less flexible (mature foliage). The leaves are edged with tiny teeth that can inflict cuts on an unsuspecting gardener. Blue Nolina grows at a moderate rate, eventually developing a 10 to 12' tall trunk, crowned by a 4 to 5' rosette of foliage. Old leaves persist along the trunk, resulting in a naturally shaggy look. These dead leaves can be removed for a neater appearance. In the summer Blue Nolina sends up a 10' tall spike of small tan flowers. Blue Nolina is very adaptable, tolerating full sun and reflected heat, as well as part shade. Withholding irrigation in the fall and winter will harden off Blue Nolina, and prevent most frost damage. This native of Mexico is hardy to 10 F. USDA Zone 8.

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