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Parkinsonia x'Desert Museum'

Spring visitors to southern Arizona often exclaim over the brilliant yellow flower displays of our native palo verde trees. Mark Dimmitt, a botanist at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, improved upon nature by developing this thornless hybrid, with larger flowers and a longer bloom period. This plant is a three way cross between Parkinsonia microphyllum, Parkinsonia floridum, and Parkinsonia aculeata. This fast-growing clone has an upright growth habit, quickly reaching a mature size of 25 feet tall and wide. 'Desert Museum' has small, bright green, compound leaves and smooth lime green bark. "Palo Verde" translates to "green stick" in Spanish, describing the green bark that carries on photosynthesis when the leaves are shed during cold or drought. Masses of yellow flowers are produced from March though May, with sporadic flowering during the summer months.  Hardy to 15 F.  USDA Zone 8.


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