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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie'

Dwarf Ruellia
is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial with long, narrow, dark green leaves.  It is compact, growing to one foot tall by one to two feet wide.  A prolific bloomer, the large petunia-like tubular flowers are present from spring until frost.  The cultivar 'Katie' was discovered by Lynn Lowery, a famous Texas plantsman and has blue flowers.  Rosa is a pink form and Blanca has white flowers.  In the low desert, flowering is concentrated in spring and fall.  Cut back in late winter to remove any frost damaged leaves and to promote new growth.  Dwarf Ruellia can be planted in full sun or part shade and is an excellent choice for containers and oasis zones.  It has a tendency to naturalize in moist soils and seedlings can be larger than intended as they are reversions to the species.  Therefore, all seedlings should be removed.  Hardy to 15F, it is placed in USDA Zone 8.

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