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Glendale Public Library
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Salvia coccinea-Scarlet Sage 

For vivid red color in shady locations, scarlet sage is hard to beat. In the spring and fall, hummingbirds feast on the nectar in its brilliant red blossoms. Growing to a mature size of 2-3 feet tall by 4 feet wide, this plant can become very weedy and rangy, requiring regular pruning to keep it looking good. Also, be aware that scarlet sage reseeds readily. In cold climates, it acts like an annual, so this reseeding comes in handy! Native to Texas and Mexico, this plant tolerates most soils, including clay soils. The lush green leaves are cold-tender, burning back in the mid-20's. We also grow another selection of Salvia coccinea, called 'Peaches and Cream', which has a bicolored flower of, you guessed it, peach and cream. In all other respects, it looks and acts like the scarlet sage. USDA Zone 9. 


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