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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Yucca baccata-Banana Yucca

This relatively small yucca has a large range occurring over most of the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico.  Yucca baccata may be found as a single trunk specimen or in clumps of up to ten trunks.  Among the various subspecies one may find plants that reach up to 8 feet tall with several trunks or others that are relatively short with a dense cluster of leaves.  Foliage color may vary considerably as well, from gray-green to blue-green.  The leaves are 16"-32" long and 1"-2" wide, and have curly filaments on the margins giving a distinctive appearance.  The flowers occur in late spring and early summer.  White to cream bell shaped flowers, some with reddish fringes, occur on 3 foot tall spikes.  The fleshy fruit that follows is edible and was a food source for Native Americans.  This plant is very tough and durable, capable of withstanding extremes in heat and cold and will withstand drought for long periods, although some supplemental water provides superior performance.  Plant in full sun or partial shade with good drainage.  Hardy to at least -20F.  USDA Zone 5.

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