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Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Yucca rostrata-Beaked Yucca

The blue leaves, tall narrow trunk, and spectacular summer display of creamy white flowers all combine to make this one of the finest yuccas for ornamental landscapes. Yucca rostrata forms a trunk to about 10' tall. Young plants are usually unbranched, but older plants may develop a few branches near the top. The narrow blue leaves are up to 2' long by '' wide, and end in a sharp terminal spine. Young plants are similar in appearance to Yucca rigida, but their mature forms are quite different. Beaked yucca grows taller, with a narrower form, while Yucca rigida is shorter, with a bulkier crown. Yucca rostrata prefers full sun or very light filtered shade, and a rocky, well-drained soil without supplemental organic matter. As with other yuccas, roots are susceptible to attack by the grubs of a desert beetle. A good program is to treat plants with an approved insecticide once in the spring, and once in the summer. Check with your county agent to determine the best product to use.  Yucca rostrata is hardy to -20 F. USDA Zone 5. 

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