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Glendale Public Library
Xeriscape Demonstration Garden Information Sheet

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Yucca schottii-Mountain Yucca 

This grows naturally in open or shaded spots in oak woodland and pine-oak forests, between 4000 and 5000 foot elevations. It is one of the few yuccas that can tolerate the shade of trees or buildings. In the low desert, it appreciates some protection from the summer sun. Young plants of Mountain yucca have a single, unbranched trunk to about 12 feet tall, while older plants may have more than one trunk from the base. The dense rosette is made up of stiff blue-green leaves that measure 2.5 feet long by 2 inches wide. In early summer it sends up a spike of creamy white blossoms. Yucca schottii is hardy to -10 F, and is an excellent accent plant for middle and high elevations.  USDA Zone 6

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