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STEM Title

Constitution of STEM Club
(Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Club)
At Glendale Community College, AZ

revised may 8, 2015


The purpose of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Club shall be to stimulate and encourage a strong interest in the areas of: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition the STEM Club shall create avenues for research, career advisement and education; and promote academic and professional networking.


Section 1 - The official name of this organization shall be the "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Club." Hereafter in this document the official name shall be referred to as "STEM." This abbreviation shall be acceptable for use in any literature, documentation, amendments, advertisements, or promotional items deemed appropriate by STEM.


Section 1 - Membership in STEM shall be to be divided into two categories:

  1. ActiveMembers
  2. InactiveMembers

Section 2 - Active members must be students of Glendale Community College (Hereafter referred to as "GCC") who are currently taking a minimum of one semester hour at GCC who meet any of the following requirements:

  • Any student member returning from the previous semester.
  • Any student who has attended any two consecutive meetings and/or STEM sponsored public events.
  • Active membership can be maintained if and only if the active member continues to attend at least two meetings and/or STEM sponsored public events per month (if held).
  • Anyone not abiding by these requirements is hereby referred to as inactive.
  • Full Active Membership rights shall include (but not limited to): The right to vote in club affairs (other than those which require only officer approval) and the right to attend any and all club sponsored events.

Section 3 - Inactive members must also be students of GCC and must be taking a minimum of one semester hour at GCC. Inactive memberships are defined as:

  • GCC students who do not maintain a minimum attendance of two meetings per month.
  • Inactive student members shall have limited membership rights which include (but not limited to), no voting privileges and require approval for non-public club activities from club officers. A unanimous approval is required.


Section 1 - The officer positions of STEM shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • ASG Representative

Section 2 - The term of all offices except President and Treasurer is one semester. The President and Treasurer elected in the Fall semester shall reserve the right to maintain their positions through the consecutive Spring semester. If the President and/or Treasurer should choose not to retain their office for the Spring semester, than their position(s) shall become open at the same time as the general election for the other officer positions held at the beginning of the Spring semester.

Section 3 - All officers must be concurrently enrolled in a minimum of one course at GCC in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics curricula to hold office.

Section 4 - Any officer may be removed from office should he/she be absent from more than two meetings without having obtained prior approval from the other officers. Additionally an officer may be removed from office should he/she fail to fulfill his/her duties. In the event an officer has been selected for removal from office he/she shall notified in writing and be given the opportunity to defend him/herself. A unanimous vote of the officers (excluding the officer in question) is required for the removal of an officer by the governing body.

Section 5 - Any officer may be removed from office by the body of active members should the removal be requested by a petition signed by no less than one-third of the active members. In the event such a request is made the officer shall be notified in writing and given the opportunity to defend him/herself. A two-thirds majority vote of the active members is required for the removal of an officer by the body of active members.

Section 6 - Spring officers shall continue to serve during the summer if they desire. These officers shall maintain their positions until officers are elected at the Fall semester general elections. They do, at that time, reserve the right to run for office again if they so choose. If an officer cannot serve during the summer, those officer's duties are distributed amongst the remaining officers for the summer, no new elections are held.


Section 1 - President: The President shall preside over club meetings and aid in the planning and conducting of activities sponsored by STEM. The President may appoint committees to aid in the planning and conducting of activities and the maintenance of the club. The President shall also be responsible for any other duties that shall arise during the semester. The president also has the responsibility to delegate additional duties to active members; active members have the right to decline these requests.

Section 2 - Vice President: The Vice President shall be responsible for club correspondence and serve as an aid to the president. The Vice President shall also aid in the planning and conducting of activities sponsored by STEM and also be responsible for any other duties that shall arise during the semester. The Vice President shall Chair all committees unless delegated to an active member. In the event the President can no longer fulfill the duties of the office the Vice President shall take on the duties of President and a new Vice President will be elected at the next meeting.

Section 3 - Secretary: The Secretary shall record the business of the meetings, and conduct any clerical tasks needed for the conducting of the meetings. Clerical tasks may include but are not limited to: typing up all meeting minutes, making pdf files of meeting minutes, making copies of agendas.

Section 4 - Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the tracking and maintaining of the club's financial account. In addition the Treasurer shall be responsible for submitting expenditure request forms to the Student Life Office.

Section 5 - Public Relations: The Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for the development and distribution of advertising materials such as flyers, posters, and literature. In addition the Public Relations Officer shall be responsible for the creative development and maintenance of social media.

Section 6 - ASG Representative: The ASG Representative shall be responsible for attending the Associated Student Government meetings and giving updates to the club on information obtained in those meetings. In addition the ASG Representative will represent STEM by requesting funds, notifying ASG of upcoming STEM lectures and events, and providing any other pertinent STEM club information to ASG.


Section 1 - Elections will be held on the second meeting of the semester.

Section 2 - Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the active members present in the form of secret ballots. The ballots will be tallied and announced by the Faculty Advisor.

Section 3 - In the event of a tie, the office will be decided by which candidate has the longest duration of club membership. If both candidates share the same duration of club membership the deciding vote shall be the current President's vote.

Section 4 - The order of elections and determination of officers is as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • ASG Representative

Section 5 - Candidates may run for more than one office in the same election period.

Section 6 - In the event that there are not enough candidates to fill the required officer positions, the newly elected officers will determine how to delegate the duties of the unfilled office(s) amongst themselves.


Section 1 - Meetings are to be held once a week on at the designated time in a room reserved by the advisor.


Section 1 - Revisions and amendments may be made to this constitution by a two thirds vote of the active members.


Amendment I - Impeachment Only one officer can be impeached at a given time. No two officers can be impeached simultaneously. The process of Impeachment for any officer will be executed as follows:

  1. The officer in question must have committed an Impeachable offense; this includes, but is not limited to, failure to maintain an active member status (as per the requirements mentioned in Article II), failure to uphold the duties and responsibilities of their position (as per the requirements listed in Article IV), or the abuse of their power (one who uses their office against the reputation of the club or the welfare of its members).
  2. An Impeachment Motion must be proposed by one of the officers at least four weeks after the general officer elections during the course of an official meeting. After the meeting, the officers (excluding the officer under consideration for impeachment) must decide for or against impeachment before the next official club meeting.
  3. If the officers make a unanimous agreement for impeachment, the motion is then passed at the next official meeting. If a unanimous agreement is not reached, all charges against the officer are dropped.
  4. Following impeachment, a motion may be made by an officer of the club to recommend the removal of the impeached officer. At which time, a closed door, active member only hearing is held; the club advisor shall act as the judicator of the hearing. After hearing the defense and the prosecution, a vote is then put to all active members present. If a two-thirds majority vote in favor for removal is reached, the officer in question is immediately removed from office and stripped of all duties and responsibilities.
Procedures for the replacement of the officer removed:
  1. If the President is removed from office:
    • The Vice-President is promoted to Presidency and a new Vice-President is elected at the next official meeting.
  2. If the Treasurer is removed from office:
    • The President and Vice-President shall split the Treasurer responsibilities as they see fit. A new Treasurer is not elected until the next consecutive semester.
  3. If any other officer is removed from office:
    • A replacement is elected at the next official meeting.