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Looking for information on any website can be daunting at first. To make it a little easier, we put together a brief note on what's covered under each major section of this website.

eGCC Accounts

What is an eGCC Account? How do I obtain my username/password? How do I reset my password? How do I login? What software is included? Can I customize my settings? What if my Student ID number changed? When does my account expire? What if my account expired and I'm still a student? What if I'm no longer enrolled? Click here to learn more about your eGCC Account.

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How do I access email on and off campus? What is the email size limit? How do I send files via email? How do I set up an auto-reply? How do I deal with viruses? How do I manage incoming email size? Click here to find answers to these Student Email-related questions.

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Saving Your Data

What are the H: and S: drives? Where can I store files? How do I manage H: drive space? How do I recover lost files? Click here to understand how you can manage your files.

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Working Off Campus

How do I activate my account off campus? How do I transfer files from my home computer to the H: and S: drive on campus? What if I'm not using my own home computer? Click here to learn how you can work on your assignments at any time.

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On-Campus Wireless Access

About the Wireless Network. Handy guides on logging onto the Wireless Network. Click here to learn how you can work on your assignments at any time.

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Student Web Space

How do I publish my work on a web site? How do I troubleshoot problems with this? Click here to find answers to these questions.

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Get Help On...

Where do I get answers to general and specific software questions? What about course related questions, Blackboard questions, and eGC/Email questions? Click here locate the best resource for help.

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Quick Links

Where do I link to Technology Resource Standards, Legal Disclaimer, and Web Guidelines? Where do I find Student Services information, Library resources, Blackboard information, or online Student Email? Click here to find a list of links you'll most likely need.

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Contact Us

Somewhat self-explanatory topic! Click here to know where we are and at what hours we're available.

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