Web Design
Web designers & developers create graphics and websites for clients. Using their knowledge of web navigation and current design trends, these professionals develop complex or simple websites and web-based applications.

Programs offer the foundation study in design, color, electronic color, technology and software applications. Students enhance traditional methods and visual problem solving with digital imaging, 3D computer modeling, animation, web art and electronic media production. Restricted electives expand student abilities in drawing, life drawing, photography, multimedia and art history. Students develop self-promotion skills and prepare a portfolio for entry-level employment and/or for transfer to a four-year college or university.
Web Design - Certificate

The certificate in Web Design is intended for those interested in designing and maintaining web pages for personal or small business use.

Web Developer - Certificate

This certificate prepares a software developer to properly create and maintain web applications. In addition to web page development, this certificate prepares software developers to fully manage and develop corporate web systems using interactive applications. Developers will be able to write programs to manage corporate database via the web.

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