MGT175  Business Organization and Management

3 Credit Hours


Glendale Community College

Semester / section

Spring 2012 / 15604




Janet Brooks



A. Description

This course deals with the basic principles of managing quality and performance in organizations. It covers the various management functions of  planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling. Major emphasis include:

B. Course Objectives

  1. Describe the manager's responsibility to the business organization.
  2. Identify the managerial levels and functions within a business organization.
  3. Describe the planning and decision-making processes practiced in management.
  4. Describe the organizing function within a business organization.
  5. Identify various aspects of influencing and directing employees, including motivation, communication, and leadership.
  6. Describe various controlling processes used by a manager.

C. Required Textbook

The required textbook for this course is:


Management Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders
Pamela S. Lewis, Stephen H. Goodwin, Patricia M. Fandt and Joseph F. Michlitsch
Thompson SouthWestern


This course consists of five units. Each unit covers three chapters. Each Chapter has a due date for homework  and dates by which each Unit Exam must be taken.

Satisfactory completion of this course REQUIRES the following:

Participation and Attendance.

Preparation:  In is expected that students read assigned chapters BEFORE they come to class. Part of participation may include unannounced quizzes that count in your participation grade.


Attendance:   Students are primarily responsible for withdrawing from a class. If you have failed to withdraw and have not completed an exam, you will be graded based on a score of zero for the exam. This may result in an F for your final grade.  Student may be WITHDRAWN from the course for insufficient participation at any time during the semester. Insufficient participation is three (3) unexcused consecutive absences or failure to contact the instructor within the time frame of completing two chapters in accordance with this syllabus

B. Text Assignments

Students should read and study the text. You will not be able to participate in the class discussions or pass the exams without reading the textbook.

C. Homework

Various items will be assigned as you progress through each of the Chapters of each Unit in Blackboard.. See the schedule for all deadline dates.

D. Exams

There will be five exams. Each exam covers a unit (units consist of 3 chapters). Each exam will consists of 45 multiple choice questions. Each exam is worth 45 points. They are closed book and closed notes. The exams are taken on the computer and you will get your results within seconds of completing your examExams must be completed in class on the dates listed in the schedule

F. Getting Started

To get started you should:


A. Grading Scale

The instructor believes that grades are an evaluation of the student's learning. Therefore, everyone who displays a certain level of competency will receive a certain grade. There is no curving of scores. Your grade will be based on the following point system:  



 Assessment Quizzes (2 at 5 points each)


 Homework - Exercises, Assignments, Discussion Participation


 Exams (5 at 45 points each)


 Total Possible

B. Converting Points to a Grade

Your letter grade will be determined by the following scale:  

A   1000 - 900 points

B   899 - 800 points

C   799 - 700 points

F   699 - 0 points


A. Student's Requiring Special Accommodations.

The college will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Student should notify Student Services and their instructors for any special needs.

B. Incomplete grades

An "I" grade will be given only for situations involving serious personal emergency or lengthy personal illness. An "I" grade will be given only when ALL of the following conditions are met:

  1. The student must have completed at least l/2 of the course requirement.
  2. The student must request an incomplete prior to final exam week.
  3. A written contract must be filled out and signed indicating what work must be completed and the scheduled completion date. The contract must be filled out and signed no later than the start of final exam week.

C. Academic Dishonesty

Students are expected to do their own assignments.  Instances of academic dishonesty will result in NO CREDIT for the assignments for all who participate; repeated instances will result in a final grade of F.


It is the student's responsibility to read and be familiar with the course syllabus. Additionally it is the student's responsibility to be familiar with college policies covered in the Glendale Community College catalog and Student Handbook.

Students will be notified by the instructor of any changes in course requirements or policies.