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Last Updated:
Thu., January 30, 2014
2:31 PM

Spring 2014 - Try the eCourse: Physical Geography Online*.

*Exams are taken on campus in ICB2, room 6 (Institute Classroom Building 2). Otherwise all materials are online and you can work from anywhere you have access to the internet!

ONLINE GPH 111 STUDENTS - TO ACCESS CANVAS for Spring 2014, click the link to the left and log in.

meteorology announcements

Lecture note packets are not linked.

Note: Make sure you remember to bring your book, notes, handouts, and calculator. There will be NO SHARING of textbooks, notes, handouts, or calculators on exams. If you forget your materials, you will have to take the test without them. No computer, ipad/tablet, cellphone, smartphone, or pda calculators permitted. No wireless devices allowed during exams. No computers or ipads/tablets allowed during exams. Make sure you have your own materials printed out, calculator, and #2 pencil w/eraser. Scantron will be provided.

Online cloud id quiz links have been added. Click here to get to the page. Go to the section on References and Resources.