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Each student must complete the six required assignments to earn a passing grade in the class. The expository writing assignments in this course focus on the writing process.  They progress from describing the people around you, to describing your personality and beliefs, to finally presenting a position on a controversial topic supported with sources. The six required assignments are:

Written Assignment Grading Criteria


Assignment 1 Assessment Rubric for Assignment 1 15
Assignment 2 Assessment Rubric for Assignment 2 15
Assignment 3 Assessment Rubric for Assignment 3 15
Assignment 4 Assessment Rubric for Assignment 4 12
Assignments 5 & 6 Assessment Rubric for Assignments 5 & 6 30
Peer Reviews 2, 3, 5, 6 Completed 20
Weekly Discussions Minimum of two postings each week 16
Jump Start Completed 5
Total Points Possible 128

The GCC English Department has created guidelines for the evaluation of compositions. These guidelines show students what constitutes an A, B, C, D or F paper. You may view sample papers graded by English instructors:

A essay for ENG 101
B essay for ENG 101
C essay for ENG 101
D essay for ENG 101
F essay for ENG 101


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