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Sections in Assignment 3:
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Write an essay of 500 words (minimum) or more using the narrative mode.  The essay will show one aspect of your ethics or belief system. This essay includes:

bulletan introduction and a definition of a moral idea or notion or term, and a thesis statement (the introductory paragraph)
bulleta discussion of who or what influenced your ethical development, (first body paragraph)
bulletnarrate an experience which exemplifies an ethical turning point or decision in your life, (second body paragraph)
bulletrelate how the moral decision you faced affected you in the future, (third body paragraph)
bulletrestate the important topics in the paper and provide closure. (concluding paragraph)

Learning Objectives

Each student will:

bulletread and learn about ethical behavior in everyday life,
bulletwrite a narrative paragraph about a personal experience suitable for an essay topic,
bulletcompose a thesis statement that connects the narrated experience to a relevant ethical belief,
bulletplan and develop an essay according to the assignment criteria,
bulletwrite support paragraphs which develop the thesis statement of the essay; contain topic sentences; display unity, coherence, and completeness; and contain specific information and concrete detail.
bulletedit and revise, with peer support, to demonstrate attention to audience, purpose, organization, style, writer's voice, mechanics and sentence structure.


Click each menu link at the top of the page under the heading "Sections in Assignment 3."  Read the documents and follow the directions to complete the assignment.

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