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ASSIGNMENT 3: Prewriting and Research

Sections in Assignment 3:
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Part I

Read the article Making Ethical Decisions.  There are six sections to the article, listed at the bottom of the page and in the menu on the left.  This article provides a good background for the topic of ethics.

Part 2

Examine the website EndGame: Ethics and Values in America.  This website uses multimedia resources.  You need RealPlayer on your computer to view the video and audio portions of the website.  Download the free RealPlayer here.  Be sure the audio for your computer is turned on and the volume loud enough to hear. 

Watch the film A Fork in the RoadIf you are using a dialup connection, choose the 56K option; if you have high speed internet, choose the 220K option.  Click on the menu at the top of the window to view Part 1 through 8 in order.  These parts consist of:

Part 1: the first half of the film
Part 2: questions about your opinion on the characters' behavior
Part 3: the second half of the film
Part 4: questions about your opinion on the characters' behavior
Part 5: short film clips featuring each characters' explanation
Part 6: short film clips featuring expert opinions about ethical behavior
Part 7: questions about your opinion on the characters' behavior
Part 8: compare your answers at each stage of your analysis

Each time you are asked to vote your opinion, just write down your answers on a sheet of paper.  Then, you can use these in Part 8 to determine if you changed your mind during your viewing.  We will discuss these ideas in our class discussion area for Assignment 3.

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