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You may earn a maximum of 12 points for Assignment 4 based upon:

bulletYour group participation (maximum of 6 points are possible)
bulletThe written group report ((maximum of 6 points are possible)

Group Participation Grade (6 points)

The Evaluation Rubric for Collaborative Group Report (below) is an evaluation of the collaboration process with participation AND communication EACH worth 0, 1, 2, or 3 points (total of 6 possible points).  Because I am not a witness to most of the collaborative process in your group, I am asking you to evaluate your group members.

1.  When you conclude this assignment with the posting of your group's report, use the rubric below to assign a score to each member of the group. 

2.  Write an email to Marla at that explains what score each person deserves (up to 6 points).  Include specific examples of how they fulfilled the requirements for both participation and communication to arrive at the total points each person deserves.

3.  I will average the scores to arrive at one final grade for each person.

Evaluation Rubric For Collaborative Group Report
(maximum of 6 points possible)






Participation Participates actively. 
Helps direct the group in setting goals. 
Helps direct group in meeting goals. 
Thoroughly completes assigned tasks. 
Actively participates in helping the group work together better.
Participates in group. Shows concern for goals. Participates in goal setting. Participates in meeting goals. 
Completes assigned tasks.
Demonstrates effort to help the group work together.
Sometimes participates in group. 
Shows concern for some goals. 
Participates marginally in goal setting. 
Participates in meeting goals. Completes some assigned tasks.
Chooses not to participate. 
Shows no concern for goals. 
Impedes goal setting process. 
Impedes group from meeting goals. 
Does not complete assigned task.
Promotes fragmentation of group.
Communication Shares many ideas related to the goals. 
Encourages all group members to share their ideas. 
Listens attentively to others. 
Empathetic to other people's feelings and ideas. 
Freely shares ideas.
Listens to others. 
Considers other people's feelings and ideas. 
Shares ideas when encouraged.
Allows sharing by all group members.

Listens to others. 
Considers other people's feelings and ideas. 
Discourages sharing.
Does not participate in group discussions. 
Does not listen to others. 
Inconsiderate of others.

Written Report Grade (6 points)

Your instructor will arrive at a single score (up to 6 points) for the group report based upon the rubric below.  Each member of the group will receive the same number of points for the group report.

Assessment Rubric for the Written Group Report

Point Value





Use of Sources
All information presented was  accurate demonstrating a thorough understanding of the controversy and viewpoints in this issue. Thoughtful, logical explanation of viewpoints;  relevant facts, statistics and/or examples are clearly tied to the ideas. Most information presented was accurate demonstrating an understanding of the controversy and viewpoints in the issue. Logical arrangement of viewpoints adequately supported with relevant facts, statistics and/or examples. Information had some inaccuracies OR was not understandable. Unclear or inadequate explanation of viewpoints; few supporting facts, or lack of relevance of supporting facts. Missing, invalid, or inappropriate information; did not address the issue or viewpoints. Inaccurate or no explanation of one or more viewpoints; some points not supported.
Appropriate tone, distinctive voice;
Sentences varied for rhetorical effect;
Vivid diction, precise word choices. Consistent standard English usage, spelling, and punctuation; error free.
Appropriate tone;
Clear sentences, varied in length and structure;
Forceful, jargon-free diction. A few errors in usage, spelling, and punctuation 
Inappropriate tone;
Little variety or emphasis in sentence structures;
Vague diction, imprecise word choices. Errors in usage, spelling, or punctuation, but do not obscure meaning.
Inconsistent  OR inappropriate tone;
Awkward, unclear, or immature sentences;
Bland diction, faulty word choice. Distracting errors in usage, spelling, or punctuation that obscure meaning.