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Introductory Information

Writing Tips that Apply to Every Assignment

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Before You Write

Edit and Revise

Grammar and Mechanics

Creating an Outline
How to Conduct an Interview
American Heritage Book of English Usage
Writing Style
Edit and Revise Your Writing
Editing and Revising your Writing  (slideshow)
Organizing Your Writing (RealPlayer slide show)
Selecting Appropriate Transitions
Guidelines for Peer Review
Peer Review Form (generic for any essay)

Peer Review Form for Argumentative Essay (.rtf format)
Fog Index
Good Grammar, Good Style
Grammar and Style Guide
Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage
Guide to Grammar and Writing
LEO: Literacy Education Online
Modern English Grammar
Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
Rensselaer Writing Center Handouts

The Modes of Writing

Narrative Essay

Argumentative/Persuasive Essay

Writing a Narrative Essay

Writing Argumentative Essays
What is Persuasive/Argumentative Writing?
Defining Argumentation
Constructing Thesis Statements
The Form of an Argument
Refutation or Addressing the Opposition
Process to Create an Argument
Tools to Create an Argument
Using In-Text Citation and a Works Cited Page

Computer Assistance

GCC Computing


Moving Files from School to Home and Back Again
Palette Information
Passwords (change)
How to Login to Palette Account
Troubleshooting Tips

GCC Student E-mail Server
How to Forward Student Email
Settings for Outlook Express 5.0
Settings for Netscape Messenger and Collabra v. 4.5, 4.6 or 4.7
How to Attach a File to an Email
How to Delete Large Files in Email

Creating Effective Email Messages
Manage your Email from Microsoft
Fight Spam - tips from Microsoft

Internet Explorer and Windows

Writing Web Pages

Internet Explorer 6
Windows Update

Writing a Web Page
Reminders and Guidelines
GCC Students on the Web
Add Your Web Page to GCC Students on the Web