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Enter the Discussion Forum

Read these instructions before you try to login for the first time.

  1. Connect to the discussion group.
  2. Use your palette username for your username.
  3. Your initial password is your Student ID number, which is probably your Social Security number (unless you've selected something else.) Make sure to uncheck the box that says Save Password for this initial login.
  4. Once you login, the screen should change to show you the discussion areas open to you.
  5. First, cick on Profile on the upper right corner of the screen and change your password.  Use your Student ID number this first time only to login to your Profile.
    bulletType a new password in the password box.
    bulletType it again in the second box. (You probably want to use your palette password).
    bulletClick the Submit button.
  6. Where it says "Signature," type in your full name.
  7. Now return to your discussion area and read the entries there. Most importantly, introduce yourself to the rest of the people in the class. Write lots!
  8. If you have questions, ask them in the areas set up for questions.
  9. Click the Logout button when you are done!

Discussion Group Standards:

bulletReview the discussion threads thoroughly before entering the discussion. Be a lurker then a discussant.
bulletTry to maintain threads by using the "Reply" button rather starting a new topic.
bulletDo not make insulting or inflammatory statements to other members of the discussion group. Be respectful of otherís ideas. If you If you cannot think of a way to diplomatically say what you want to communicate, do not say anything at all.
bulletBe patient and read the comments of other group members thoroughly before entering your remarks.
bulletBe cooperative with group leaders in completing assigned tasks.
bulletBe positive and constructive in group discussions.

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