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Instructor Information
Instructor:  Marla DeSoto
Office: HT2-111; Office phone number: 623-845-3637.
There is a voice message machine to leave a message if I am not in my office.
Current schedule 
Email: marla.desoto@gcmail.maricopa.edu
Website: http://glory.gc.maricopa.edu/~mdesoto/welcome.htm


Official Course Description and Competencies  
Because we want you to succeed, GCC has a course placement procedure for English classes.  All students must take the ASSET test before registering for ENG101. Prerequisites for enrollment in ENG101 are an ASSET English placement test score of 40 or better, or a C' in ENG 071.

Course Description

English 101, First Year Composition, emphasizes expository composition and standard English writing skills. Students will plan, write and revise six assignments in the thesis/support format.  Emphasis is placed on the writing process.

Participation and Attendance Standards
  • Time Requirements:  The total time commitment each week is approximately nine hours (three hours in class meetings and six hours in out of class work and/or homework).
  • Attendance at the class meetings is mandatory.  Students who miss more than four class meetings may be withdrawn from the course.

Course Materials

  • No text is required.  Your instructor will provide online resources and other materials in place of a textbook.  
  • Because a majority of the course work is done on a computer, students must have reliable internet access, be comfortable using a computer, have keyboarding skills, and some experience using Internet Explorer, email, and word processing.  Most students prefer to work at home using their own computer; however, students may use the computers in the High Tech Centers.  Click here to learn more about where and when computers are available.
  • Review the hardware/software requirements for a hybrid or online course.
  • Course materials are accessed through the virtual classroom at this location: http://glory.gc.maricopa.edu/~mdesoto/eng101/index.htm    Create a Favorites link to this page in Internet Explorer.  The virtual classroom is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can access your course materials and classroom discussions whenever it is convenient for you. 

Student ID

Your Student ID is required to use the Library, Fitness Center, and High Tech Centers; to attend aerobics classes and Student Life activities; and to pick up payroll checks at the Cashier's Office. A free Student ID card can be obtained at the Enrollment Center (EC) Building after tuition and fees are paid. 

Email Instructions

Your instructor and classmates will use your GCC student email address to contact you.   Every student, upon registration, is assigned an email account and has access to other computing services at GCC.   You will receive your username for your GCC student email account at the first class meeting.   The initial password is your student ID number (usually your social security number).  The first time you login to a GCC computer, you will change your password from your student ID number to something of your own choice.  Please be sure you can access your GCC student email before the end of the first week of class.  Student email addresses are in this format:  username@student.gc.maricopa.edu 

If you have enrolled at GCC in the recent past, you have the same email account, username, and password.  If you do not remember your password, you must scan your Student ID at one of the Palette Account Stations at the west end of HT1 or HT2. Follow the instructions on the screen. Contact your instructor if you have problems with this.  

Three choices to access email:

Learning Activities

Students will complete 6 writing assignments.  All assignments must be word-processed and submitted via email. More information about the assignments is provided in the course web site. 

  • Six written assignments  are required, plus participation in the discussion group and classroom activities.  Every assignment has a specific date on which it is due.  Because the assignments are sequential and develop progressively more complex writing skills, they must be completed in order and by the deadlines. 
  • All six major writing assignments must be completed to receive a grade of C or better in the course.
  • While a reasonable amount of flexibility is necessary in hybrid courses, it is important to stay on track and turn in assignments on time.  Additionally, class discussions are related to current writing assignments, as are group activities with classmates.  Students need to be current with their assignments to be able to participate and contribute to the class activities.
  • The course calendar may be accessed by clicking on the Calendar link at the left of each webpage.  Assignment deadlines will be posted on the Course Calendar.  You may also view GCC's Academic Calendar online.


Written assignments will be graded according to assignment rubrics, with comments by the instructor.  Assignments will be returned during class meetings within two weeks of submission. All students should become familiar with the English department's criteria for the evaluation of essays at http://www.gc.maricopa.edu/English/pt5.html

Students can check their current grade at any time using MIDAS at http://www.maricopa.edu/midas/.  More information is on the Grades webpage.


I will work with you as much as is reasonable to avoid your withdrawal from the class. However, there are times and circumstances in which withdrawal is the best option.  As soon as you realize you are having problems meeting the class requirements in a timely manner, please email me at marla.desoto@gcmail.maricopa.edu to discuss the problem.  To withdraw from the class, the student must call 623-845-3333 during registration hours. See the college's policy on withdrawal from specific courses and the Tuition and Fee Refunds Policy.


Plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas, or other original (not common-knowledge) material without acknowledging its source.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Penalties range from a written warning to failing the course.

Support Services

The Student Services website contains information about student resources and activities.

Disclaimer Statements

  • The college will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should notify Student Services and their instructors of any special needs. View the website for GCC Disability Services and Resources at http://gecko.gc.maricopa.edu/dsr/INDEX.html
  • Course content may vary from this outline to meet the needs of this particular group.