ENH/EDU291: Children's Literature FInal Project

 ENH/EDU291: Children's Literature FInal Project

EDU/ENH291: Children's Literature Final Project

This project will be your culminating assignment.  You have been given more time to complete this assignment than others, and this assignment is worth more points.  This means you should dedicate more time and attention to it. Instead of a final exam, you will be doing a project that clearly demonstrates the knowledge you have gained in this class. Be sure to identify which project you are doing. Projects require you to use all or some of the following skills:

Choose one of the activities below or submit your own suggestion (relating to children's literature) for approval.  I have tried to include projects for both the education class and the humanities class.
The links provided are meant to give you ideas; you are not required to use those links and templates to create your assignment. You may be as original as you want; you may know of other sources that you wish to use. Online classes may either send projects electronically or turn in a hard copy to my office (HT2-109). If I am not there, slide your assignment under the door.  On ground classes should provide me with a hard copy of the assignment. Above all else, remember the importance of being error-free.  If you were submitting your project to a publisher, it could not have any mistakes.

Note: This assignment is worth at least 150 points

Create a book jacket for a "new" children's book [You will have to invent the necessary information.] If you use a template be sure to eliminate all of the direction notes [front page, back page, how many inches, etc.]. If you wish to create a larger book jacket, do not use a template but be sure to include all of the necessary information outlined on the template below. Be sure that you do not reverse the front and back covers.

Create a six panel [three on each side] brochure on one of the following topics:

Create a website about an aspect of children’s literature including a homepage with links to at least two additional pages you create. You should include an overview of your topic/definition; written information and graphics on each page; links to other resources; activities for kids and/or teachers. Your website should be appealing to your targeted audience, easy to navigate, and ERROR-FREE. Create a website. Possible topics include (or create your own):

Create a unit plan for teachers about one particular theme or genre of children’s literature (survival tactics for school, being unique, or some of the themes mentioned above or pop-up and movable books, how-to and what if books, girl and boy books, character building books, or submit your own topic for approval).  A unit plan is not just a one day lesson plan.  A unit plan includes lesson plans for each day of the unit.  Unit plans cover the entire study of a particular genre or theme; you should make your unit at least one or two weeks in duration. You should include the following information: introductory, detailed information about the genre or theme; specific classroom lessons for each day including objectives/goals, age/grade of students, time needed, activities, materials needed, method of assessment, resources used and available, annotated list of books and sources, popular authors/illustrators of books.

Create a PowerPoint presentation (review the history of children’s literature or pop-up and moveable books presentations in earlier lessons) of at least 25 slides about a genre or theme of children's literature or a presentation of a particular book such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  There must be written text and a graphic on each slide.  Do not write entire paragraphs on slides; use bullets, phrases, lists to make the slide visually pleasing and easily understood.  Presentations may be used in an elementary (for children) or college (for students of children’s literature or future teachers) classroom, so do not forget who your audience is.  A tutorial on creating PowerPoint presentations is linked below.

Design a kid's class newspaper (minimum of two pages) on one or more children's book with articles about the author, characters, theme, plot setting; use different ways to provide the information, such as: first person autobiography, comic strips, advertisements, illustrations, letters to the editor, feature articles, etc. 

Create a newsletter for parents and teachers about a particular genre or theme in children's literature.  Newsletters must be at least four pages. Newsletters are generally printed two-sided with a fold in the middle for a four page newsletter.  Of course, you do not have to submit it as such if you are electronically sending your assignment.  Do number your pages to avoid confusion. Newsletters are usually written by a specific organization for a targeted audience [professional organizations for its members].

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