Coral Reef Ecology: Tahiti & Moorea Islands
Field Experience: BIO149AL - 2 Credits
SCUBA/Advanced (Fish Research methods): PED201SU - 1 Credit

Next Class - July 7-16, 2018

Sample Syllabus (2016)     Class Photos
Handouts: Moorea Reefs & Moorea Fish

Moorea boat trip

Heading out of Opunohu Bay (Moorea) to the Forereef

Moorea Forereef

Students Transect the Forereef: Reef Check Protocol

We stay on Moorea Island, French Polynesia, at either
- UC Berkeley's Gump Biology Station  or

- The French Research Station C.R.I.O.B.E.

Our study of the local reef system will include:

  • Fringing reefs
  • Lagoon & Backreef
  • Motu (islets) & surrounding waters
  • Barrier Reef crest & Forereef slope
  • Spinnner dolphins
  • Point Venus & Tahara/One Tree Hill, Tahiti
  • Reef Check Surveys:
  • For information contact the instructor:

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