CIS105 Survey of Computer Information Systems, 3 Credits
Introduction to Computers and applications
Delivered Online through Blackboard

Glendale Community College North
Spring 2012 Sections: 15449,15456,15578,15572 Classroom A110

ISBN10: 1-133-35730-X
ISBN13: 978-133-35730-X

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ISBN13: 978-1-111-66936-2


Course Description
Overview of computer technology, concepts, terminology, and the role of computers in society. Discussion of social and ethical issues related to computers. Use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. Includes uses of application software and the Internet for efficient and effective problem solving.


Required Text
Survey of Computer Information Systems CIS105 GCC

Required Software
SAM2010 Key Code

Course Competencies / Objectives: Students will be able to:
  1. Identify common hardware components of computer systems and describe their uses.
  2. Identify different types of software and their uses.
  3. Describe common uses of networks.
  4. Describe Website Technology.
  5. Use the Internet to communicate, collaborate, and retrieve information.
  6. Explore system security and privacy issues.
  7. Create macros and understand the basics of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  8. Describe the steps in planning and implementing technology solutions.
  9. Determine when technology is useful and select the appropriate tools(s) and technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems.
  10. Identify terminology and the uses of technology in business and society, including limitations.
  11. Identify positive social and ethical behaviors when using technology and the consequences of misuse.
  12. Describe how technology is used in the departments of a business and in various career paths.
  13. Use word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software.
Attendance Policy

Attendance is required for successful completion of the course. There is a maximum of three (3) absences (except official absences) allowed. Anyone exceeding this amount without contacting the instructor may be withdrawn from the course by the instructor. Official absences are those stated in the student handbook at http://www.gccaz.edu/catalog. If you are absent on the due date of an assignment, you will be permitted to turn in the assignment on the date you return if your absence is excused. Homework assignments are due on the date assigned by your instructor. Homework assignments turned in late will be docked 25% per class period late. They are only accepted until the test date on that unit. If you are absent on the date of a quiz or exam and if your absence has been pre-arranged or excused, you may take the make-up on the last day of class after you take your final exam.

Withdrawal Policy / Reinstatement Policy

Students are primarily responsible for withdrawing from a class. If you have failed to withdraw and have not completed an exam, you will be graded based on a score of zero for the exam. This may result in an F for your final grade. Student may be WITHDRAWN from the course for insufficient participation at any time during the semester. Insufficient participation is three (3) unexcused consecutive absences or failure to contact the instructor within the time frame of completing three chapters in accordance with this syllabus. If you have been WITHDRAWN and feel it is in error, contact your instructor or the college in accordance with the information in your Student Handbook at www.gccaz.edu/catalog. If you are receiving financial aid of any kind, it is your responsibility to protect your eligibility to receive financial aid by meeting the attendance requirements of this class.

Software Usage / Academic Dishonesty
It is illegal to copy the software from GCC for your own use. Students who do so will be withdrawn with a Y (withdrawn failing) from the course. Any student attempting to or misusing the classroom intranet or the Internet during class time will be warned. If action continues, the student will be removed from class. Students are expected to do their own assignments without any but the most casual help from others, unless working on a group project as directed by your instructor. Your instructor is available to help students with assignments, either during regularly scheduled class time or by appointment at other times. Any indication of misconduct (as defined in the General Catalog & Student Handbook found at http://www.gccaz.edu/catalog which includes, but is not limited to, copying of work between students, could result in a reduction of one full letter grade for the course with the exception of the originator of shared work. The originator of any duplicated work (and the "originator” can be determined) will receive a 0 (zero) for the assignment. The originator of the file will be presumed to have willfully distributed it to all others unless he/she can prove otherwise. DO NOT SHARE YOUR HARD WORK, STORE IT SECURELY (on Drives H: or S:), AND IMMEDIATELY REPORT THE LOSS OF THE MEDIA ON WHICH YOUR WORK IS STORED TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR! A second offense by any party or the use of lost or stolen work will result in a grade of “F” or Withdrawn Failing “Y” for the course as well as a referral to the appropriate dean.

See SCHEDULE in Blackboard
Final grades are determined by an accumulation of total points from examinations, quizzes, trainings, and homework lab assignments.

Final grades are determined by an accumulation of total points from examinations, quizzes, trainings, and homework lab assignments. Your final grade in the course will be based on the following:
	Item					Count	Points

	Start Here Tasks			3	25
	Homework Assignments (Labs)		10	1,100
	Lab Chapter Assessments			28	531
	SAM Exam Training			4	100
	Application Proficiency Exams		4	600
	Concepts Quizzes			6	600
	Final Exam				1	200

	Total points for course				3,156
After your total points have been calculated, your letter grade will be determined as follows:

	A 	(90 – 100%)	2840 - 3156 total points
	B 	(80 – 89%)	2524 - 2839 total points
	C 	(70 – 79%)	2209 - 2523 total points
	D 	(60 – 69%)	1893 - 2208 total points
	F 	59% and below	less than 1892 total points
Letter grade will be awarded if a student completes all work, including the final exam.
"W" - Withdrawn – awarded if a student stops participating in class and officially withdraws from class or is withdrawn by the instructor for non-participation and student’s work has been acceptable (passing) quality.
"Y" - Withdrawn Failing – awarded if a student does not complete course work in accordance with guidelines including the final exam and does not contact the instructor requesting an incomplete and student’s work has not been of acceptable quality.
"I" - Incomplete – awarded if a student does not take the final exam but does notify the instructor and commits to a contract for completion. Students receiving an “I” must make up the final by appointment only, within the time frame specified by the instructor in the contract.

Requests are not automatically granted. The instructor will consider granting an incomplete only when all course work is up to date and has been of acceptable quality and the student must miss the final exam through circumstances beyond the student’s control. Students who know ahead of time that they will be unable to take the exam on the specified date should contact the instructor.
The college will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Student should notify Student Services and their instructors for any special needs.

Note: The Instructor of Record reserves the right to change any of the preceding course policies/procedures or course requirements if said change(s) are deemed by the Instructor to be beneficial to all students.

Student Email
As a Maricopa Community College student you have been given a student email address with your Maricopa Community College Enterprise ID as your username (YourUsername@maricopa.edu). The school uses this as its official email contact with you. You are responsible for maintaining your student email account. The school uses this email account as an official channel for correspondence and you are responsible for maintaining this email account. Blackboard is connected to this account as well. That means that if your instructor responds to you through the Blackboard email, the email will go to your student email address. You may configure this account to forward your email to an account that you might prefer to use instead but it is your responsibility to set it up and maintain this email account. When corresponding with me as your instructor, you should send your email to my instructor email account, Samuel.Martin@gcmail.maricopa.edu. Email sent to my student email account may not be seen in a timely manner.
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All email correspondence must include the following contact info:
  1. Full Name: (as it is listed in the GCC grading system)
  2. GCC Username: (the one you use to log into the GCC computers)
  3. MEID Username: (the one you use to log into Blackboard and your Student Email)
  4. Course Name: (ex. CIS120DF Photoshop, or CIS120DB Illustrator, etc...)
  5. Section #: (this number can be found in Blackboard next to the name of the course)
  6. Term: (Fall, Spring, Summer I, Summer II,)
This information can be found in Blackboard or your My.maricopa.edu. You may want to have it handy somewhere so that you can quickly copy and paste it in your email correspondences.

Do NOT include passwords or your Social Security Number.

It is my practice to withdraw students who get below a (D). If you require a letter grade (F) instead of a withdrawl (W), then you need to let me know during final grading near the end of the class. However there is no reason that you should get lower than a (C) if you just complete all the work.

Your Feedback is Important!
I want this course to be the best that it can be, so if you have any feedback concerning it please, do not hesitate to let me know. As a student of this course you are the best person to offer constructive criticism that will not only benefit you but those students who come after you. In your comments please include why you liked the things you did and why and how you think other things should be changed. Thank you for your feedback, your.name@gcmail.maricopa.edu.

Disability Statement
The College will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should notify Student Services and their instructors of any special needs.

Student Rights & Responsibilities
It is the student's responsibility to read and be familiar with the course syllabus. Additionally it is the student's responsibility to be familiar with college policies covered in the Glendale Community College catalog and Student Handbook.
Please make note of the following sections:
  • Copyright Act Compliance
  • Technology Resource Standards
  • Abuse-Free Environment
  • Disability Resources and Services - Eligibility for Accommodations and Required Disability Documentation
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Disciplinary Standards
  • Student Conduct Code

Please take some time to explore GCC's guidelines for online behavior.

Instructor reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this syllabus or assignments for the particular needs of this class.