Sue Murry
(623) 845-3225
Welcome Back Students! I hope you had a good break and are ready to get started with this Semester.

About Me
Teaching Philosophy: I believe everyone want to succeed and will do so if given the opportunity. I try to be as helpful and responsive as I can to my students and I try to stay current with new technologies and approaches to learning.

Career at GCC: I have been teaching at GCC for many years (too many to count) but really enjoy my work and my students.

Highlights at GCC: A)Helped develop some of the very first Open Entry courses taught at GCC. B) Served as Director, Instructional Computing for 11 years. C) Recently returned to full-time classroom teaching in DIS and OAS areas.

Family: Married with two sons, each of whom has given me two grandchildren. Two grandsons live in the Phoenix area so I get to see them frequently. Two grand daughters live in Houston, so I don’t get to see them as often.

Hobbies: After work if enjoy traveling with my husband, especially to foreign countries. I have four grandchildren—two little boys live in the Phoenix area so I see them often; two little girls live in Houston, so some of my traveling is always to Houston to see them. I have a really cute little dog (a mostly white Shih Tzu) who follows me around like she is attached. I also I read historical novels and do a lot of needle related crafts—knitting, embroidery, sewing. etc.