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Doug Penwell


Welcome to my home page.  This is located on a server at Glendale Community College (Arizona).  The primary purpose of this page is to provide “wish” lists for those who have New York State covers available.

Postal history interests are primarily for Monroe, Livingston and Ontario Counties of New York State.  Other New York State post offices can also be found on the lists reachable from the links below.  Please see each page for specifics.

Unusual material from Rochester is always of interest, especially nursery advertising and Industrial Exposition covers.  Difficult stamps, mixed frankings, special services and foreign destinations are sought on cover or card also.

The last four categories are sought especially from the following five towns:


East Rochester





If you find something, please send e-mail. Happy hunting!


Stampless sought (by town)

Stampless sought (specific markings)

Stamped covers sought

Stamped covers by issue (1847's through Small Banknotes)

Civil War Patriotics sought including 1861 issue covers

County, PM and Star Cancels sought

Postcards sought (cancels)

Postcards sought (picture side)

RFD cancels - cover or PPC

Twentieth Century Material (by town)



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