Remotely Accessing the H: & S: Drives from off Campus.

As a student of GCC you have a personal network account that you can access with your MEID. This account is on what is called the H: Drive or home. You may also have access to what is called the S: Drive or shared. The Shared Drive is where instructors can put resource files for your classes. When you are on campus you have direct access to your personal network accounts through the schools network. Accessing your accounts from off campus requires a remote connection. You have a few options for remotely connecting to the GCC server, but the FTP option is the best one using FileZilla.

Option 1
Download and Install the FileZilla FTP client.

To set up your site accesses, go to File > Site Manager, and make two new sites. One for your H: Drive and one for your S: Drive, as is shown below. For more detailed instructions you can view the FileZilla Documentation.

Be sure to put your MEID in the fields that are asking for it and not just copy the text that is shown in the example below.

Settings for the H:Drive (Home) - Sometimes it is necessary to include "ftps://" before the host: address.

Settings for the S:Drive (Shared) - Sometimes it is necessary to include "ftps://" before the host: address.

Sometimes there may be problems connecting.

  1. It may be a permission's issue (that would have to be fixed by contacting the help desk)
  2. It may be a some sort of security on your computer that is not allowing the connection,
  3. Here are some related discussions.

Option 2 - I am not sure if this option still works.
In Windows, on your home computer, Set up a Network Place (web folder) WebDAV, in your Network Folder. This is more secure but it is also a little more cumbersome. Once set up on your computer it is relatively quick to access your files. You can set up one for your H: Drive and one for your S: Drive.
  1. For H: Drive use:
  2. For S: Drive use: ------???