Instructional Website Template
This page contains resources to help you get your Instructional Website up and running.
In order to get your site up and running as quickly as possible, a template site has been created for you. All that you have to do is put it in your GCC Webspace (H: public.www) and populate it with your information. The site contains a home page and a linked syllabus page. You can duplicate the syllabus page for as many unique courses as you teach.

The home page contains the following sections:
With your Instructional Site you will be able to post your current contact info, announcements, schedule, course syllabi, important links, and much more. You will also be able to link Blackboard to your home page and your syllabi, making your Blackboard setup more straight forward and more efficient for both you and your students. Once your syllabi are set up, you will only need to update their section numbers for each new semester. If you teach more than one section of a course, simply include multiple section numbers on the syllabus, if applicable, to avoid redundant syllabi.

Included in the Template download is an excel template file for you to use to create your schedule. From this file you will create a graphic to replace the place holder schedule graphic that comes with the site. The instructions for this are contained within the excel file:

The Template Site is contained in a zip file that you can download from the Download Template link on this page. Unpack it and place all the contents in your public.www folder in your H: Drive. If the images in the site are not in an images folder when you unzip the file, then you need to create a folder called images and put all the images into it, (including the excel file that you will use to create your schedual graphic with).

To edit the contents and populate the HTML pages, open them in a pure text editor such as TextPad, or Notepad++.

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