Hello and welcome to
Glendale Community College and the
Business Information Technology (BIT) Department website. Whether you're a business, computer or accounting major or if you're just taking a class at GCC to improve your business and computer skills, we welcome you to our website.

I personally want to thank you for your interest in the GCC BIT programs and classes and invite you to stop by and talk to me in my office (O1-126). With the help of the enrollment center, our GCC staff and BIT faculty, we want to make your experience here productive and informative. I would invite all of you to take an interest in your school and your major and visit regularly with faculty and other students taking business classes at GCC. We all like to hear from you and understand how we can make your experience here even better!

There are a number of computer resources on campus that make accessing materials easy on campus or from home via the Internet. Please get started with these resources as soon as you can. Most are free and will help with your academic success. If you do not have computer access from home, please use those available to you in the High Tech Centers and Library on campus. If you have a laptop or wireless device use the free wi-fi available on campus.

GCC also has many clubs and organizations for you to get involved with to supplement your campus life and your career choices expanding beyond the classroom. Take advantage of these opportunities and let us know what else we can do to make your education a better one. Explore the Student Activities website, to learn more and find the best activity for you.

Please link to this webpage frequently as website information changes over time and watch for new links as we find them. We will regularly post links to free business resources.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting please let me know by phone at 623-845-3235 or by email at gary.marrer@gccaz.edu.

If you have an idea for a program or class that is not currently offered, please let me know at the email address above.

Spring 2014


Gary Marrer
Chair, GCC Business Department

Business & Information Technology Department - Building 01 - (623) 845-3225, Legal Disclaimer